The Bathroom Stall Door: An Empowering Tool for Survivors


At Reclaiming Lost Voice’s we believe that every survivor has the ability to create solutions to end violence. We believe that the traumatized have the potential to heal and find  empowerment to serve as leaders and teachers within their communities. We believe that survivors who allow themselves the time to heal can change the world.

Since November 2013 an important conversation has been unfolding on a bathroom stall door. And the conversation still has not stopped. It’s time we begin a discuss on healing from college rape. It can end in our lifetime and there’s a community out there ready to embrace you on the journey. Ready?  Take a pen and join the conversation of hope, healing and empowering survivors to reclaim their voice! 












DSCN0260  Want to share your story? Send it to to become part of the movement to empower survivors to become part of the solution. 

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